• Working at SUNGROWく
    Sungrow strives hard to continuously improve employee satisfaction, and create a great atmosphere of realistic attitude, democracy, open minds and joy everywhere in Sungrow
  • Living at SUNGROW
    More than 10 hobby associations: basketball, football, badminton, tennis, dancing, fitness, E-sports and etc
    Fun sports meeting of Sungrow people and their families
    Professional skills contest
    Outward bound, Special funds for team building
  • Training for Employee
    10% of staff's annual salary will be used in training
    A training system formed by Sunflowers Project and other two grades
    A series of training lessons based on staff's position
    Orientation trainings and tutors for new staffs
    Combines external, outsourcing and internal trainings together
    Training opportunities every week
    Get training equals to working overtime
  • Developing of Career Prospect
    Two different career development channels: administrative & professional 8 series of professional channels and 7 grades of career development paths
    Opportunities of internal position rotation or switch
    Significant development space along with Sungrow's fast growth
    Our staffs were encouraged and stimulated by performance management