The trust that SUNGROW wins,
represents numerous responsibilities.
In order to guard our environment, Sungrow is committed to developing clean and efficient energy, as well as improving people’s living environment by unremittingly providing them with green energy. At the same time, Sungrow has also took on the social responsibilities by repeatedly giving supports to remote rural areas, colleges, universities, and earthquake stricken areas, continually transmitting electric power, donat ing money and goods to them.
In Sungrow, the Youth Green Lab is favored particularly by the primary and secondary school students. Thus the environmental awareness has also been promoted during the young generation through each visit and experiment. Therefore, Sungrow always fulfills its responsibilities with a heartfelt concern for public welfare.
  • Sungrow widely takes part in the “Township Electrification Program” in western China
  • Youth Green Lab
  • Mount Everest Synthesized Scientific Investigation MobilePV Power Generation Systerm
  • Sungrow actively contributes to China’s undertaking on poverty alleviation