Sungrow unveiled new 1500VDC string and central inverters at Solar Power International 2016

Fremont, CA, USA / Sep 13, 2016 – Sungrow, the world’s leading PV inverter manufacturer, showcased two new 1500VDC inverters at Solar Power International, the largest solar industry tradeshow in North America held annually in September (Las Vegas, NV; Booth #2059).
Arguably the most exciting inverter showcased is Sungrow’s SG125HV. The inverter puts 125kW of capacity in a suitcase-sized cabinet weighing just 130 pounds. At a higher rated voltage, the SG125HV will significantly reduce installation and balance of system costs, and is a prime example of why 1500VDC systems are the next step for the entire industry. Projected to be released for global customers in early 2017, the 125HV will be an industry-shifting product that will influence utility scale PV system designs in coming years.

Also at the show, Sungrow showcased a model of its SG2500HV-MV central inverter system, also rated at 1500VDC. The inverter features a 20-foot containerized design, intended for easy transport and installation. Within the shippable container are the integrated auxiliary power systems and power boards, along with the SCADA, monitoring and control panel. Unlike other containerized systems that are considered e-house designs, the Sungrow container is actually an outdoor cabinet for all internally mounted equipment; this means that all serviceable components are accessible without going inside the container cabinet. The sides of the container at the MV transformer end are also removable at the time of installation, making it possible for the outdoor rated transformer to be open to air cooling and full access. The entire system is also UL listed, thus making permitting hassle-free. A fully-integrated pre-tested system that is as close to “plug-and-play” as is possible for a central inverter system and the SG2500HV-MV is designed to help reduce installation costs and provide easy O&M.
Sungrow, with its impressive inverter lineup shown at its booth, proved to be a headlining exhibitor at the Las Vegas show in September. As companies like Sungrow continue to revolutionize the costs and economics surrounding PV systems with next-generation product releases—boosting return on investment in the process—the floodgates for 1500VDC systems may soon be wide open.