Sungrow has been supplying PV inverters to overseas markets since 2002.
In 2005, Sungrow’s PV inverters were introduced to Japan.
Since 2008, Sungrow’s products have been widely deployed throughout the European & American markets. In 2008, Sungrow launched a professional monitoring system for PV plant operations, providing users with a means of monitoring their PV plants’ real time performance via PC or mobile device. This system has evolved into a comprehensive platform of design, monitoring, and service for all kinds of PV plants across the globe. Also in 2008, Sungrow engaged in a continuous cooperation with a well-known insurance group, the Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGLI), to provide security for Sungrow’s PV grid-connected inverters installed worldwide.
Today, Sungrow provides various products and solutions to the US, Germany, the UK, Japan, France, and many other countries; establishing a mature and trust worthy service network all around the world.