Eliminate PID effect
Up to 50 inverters share one PVP Box
Wide input voltage range 300Vac ~ 580Vac, can be compatible with 400V and 480V system
Simple and quick installation, only need to connect 6 wires
Fully automatic operation
Technical Data
Input Parameters
Input voltage range 300 Vac ~ 580 Vac
Rated grid frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Output Parameters
Output voltage to earth Adjustment by smart compensated output
Power consumption in standby operation <15W
Typical power consumption in operation AC side compensating mode
Working mode  
System Data
System requirements DC:1000Vdc system
AC:1.The neutral point of the low voltage side of transformer must be floating 2.AC side surge protection design shall adopt the 3+1 mode,withstand voltage of the N line to ground surge protection deviceshall be selectedexceeding 600V
Must cooperate with Sungrow Solarinfo Logger
Protection class IP65
Working temperature range -25℃ to 60℃ -13 ℉ to 140 ℉
Relative humidity 0 - 100%
Heat emission mode Natural cooling
Noise <30dB
Communication port RS485 (standard), dry contact
AC connection type PG
Maximum support inverter number ≤ 50, may vary depending on the inverter type
Mechanical Parameters
Dimensions (W*H*D) 370*100*299mm 14.6''*3.9''*11.8''
(including external terminals)
Installation mode Wall mounted
Weight 3kg 6.6lbs
The PVP Box has been SG33KTL-M* SG36KTL-M*
approved by Sungrow SG40KTL-M* SG50KTL-M*
for the following string SG60KTL-M* SG60KU
inverters SG60KU-M*
*The inverter AC output N line must be floating