SolarInfo WIFI Simple Wireless Remote Monitoring Solution

This device is mostly used with low power inverter, easy and quick to be connected to Internet. Through SolarInfo Bank, client could view the working condition of the power plant via web browser or iPhone, iPad, Android devices by customized APPs.

Integrated SolarInfo Bank port, easy for remote connection anytime, anywhere
Easy to install, plug and operate, no need for external power supply, plug and play design
Wireless communication with multiple inverters up to 15 pcs
Email warning of malfunction
Technical Data
Communication method WiFi (2.4GHz )
Max. number of devices 15pcs
Max. Communication Range
WiFi in the open air Up to 150m
Power supply
Power supply By inverter
Environmental Condition
Ambient temperature -25~50°C
Protection rating (as per EN 60529) IP65
Product Data
Dimensions (W*H*D) 45*45*115mm
Weight Approx. 65g
Mounting location With inverter