Sales Area
Cost Effective
No need for inverter house on site
Integrated ventilation duct and auxiliary power supply
8 m² area easy for deployment and fast installation
10 foot feet standard shipping container
Secured Yield
Efficient three-level topology, maximum efficiency up to 99 %
Wide MPP voltage range
No derating up to 50 °C
One inverter fails, the other unit maintain safety operation
Easy Maintenance
Integrated current monitoring function for fast trouble shooting
Modular design easy for maintenance
Complete grid support: LVRT, HVRT, ZVRT
NEMA 3R protection degree suitable for outdoor installation

Technical Data
Input (DC) SG2500U
Max. input voltage 1500 V
Start voltage 840 V
Min. working voltage 800 V
Max. input current 3508 A
MPPT voltage range 800 - 1300 V
No. of MPPTs 1
Max. No. of DC inputs 28
PV array configuration Negative Grounding
Output (AC)
Norminal AC output power 2500 kW
Max. AC output apparent power 2750 kVA
Max. inverter output current 2886 A
Rated grid voltage 550 V
Grid voltage range 495 - 605 V
Nominal grid f requency 50 / 60 Hz
Grid frequency range 45 - 55 Hz / 55 -65 Hz
THD < 3 % (at nominal power)
DC current injection < 0.5 % of rated inverter output current
Power f actor range 0.8 leading - 0.8 lagging
Max.efficiency 99.00 %
CEC efficiency 98.50 %
General Data
Dimensions(W*H*D) 117.76"*102.01"*95.98" 2991*2591*2438 mm
Weight 13007.27 lb 5.9 T
Operating temperature range -22 to 140 °F (> 122 °F derating) -30 to +60 °C(> 50 °C derating)
Auxiliary power supply 5 kVA - Standard / 15 kVA - Optional
Cooling method Temperature controlled air-forced cooling
Protection class NEMA3R
Allowable relative humidity range 0 - 95 %, non-condensing
Max. operating altitude 13123 ft (> 6561 ft derating) 4000 m(> 2000 m derating)
Communication Standard: RS485, Ethernet; Optional: Optical fiber
Certification UL 1741, IEEE 1547
Protections & Functions
Night SVG Functions Optional
Grid Support Functions LVRT, HVRT, ZVRT, Anti-Islanding, Active & reactive power regulation, PF control,Soft start/stop
DC input protection Loadswitch+fuse
AC output protection Circuit breaker
DC overvoltage protection Yes
Grid monitoring Yes
Ground fault monitoring Yes
Overheat protection Yes
Insulation monitoring Yes