Safety First Product,multiple ways for safty and the only supplier without Safety Recall
Long life cycle and durability,Prismatic cell Design,EOL
Characteristic-No Sudden Drop phenomenon
NCM based battery cell for Large Capacity,High Power (max power 4C) & Energy density, High system round trip efficiency over 97%
Robust and Compact Designed for compatibility with standard 19 inch frame, All connections are placed made in the front-Easy access/maintenance
Standardization tray Platform, Flexible configuration and easy expansion
Technical Data
Contents Medium Energy
Configuration 192S1P (128 to 256 cells for one String,applicable to 48 parallels ) 200S1P (120 to 240 cells for one String,applicable to 48 parallels)
Key component 12 Trays, 1 swtich gear 10Modules, 1 Switch gear
Dimension (W×D×H) 533.0 x 690.0 x 2291.0mm 533x690x1958mm
Weight ~ 700kg ~ 590kg
Nominal Capacity 68Ah 94Ah
Nominal energy 47.6 kWh 69.9 kWh
Nominal voltage 700.8V 744V
Operating voltage 595.2V ~ 787.2V 640V~830V
Continuous Power 47.6 (1.0C) 35kW(0.5C)
Max Power 95.2kW (2.0C)