Flexible and Efficient
51.8V/ 4.8kWh Pack design,Max charge/discharge current 47A/80A
Scalable, Max capacity up to 14.4kWh
30uA extreme low Sleep-mode current
Smart and Durable
Active cell balancing technique, prolong battery lifetime effectively
Smart cell balancing management, guarantee each cell in the same state
Safe and Reliable
Prismatic battery cell design,overcharge safety device and vent inside
Perfect BMS protection and excellent safe performance
Graceful and Convenient
Electrical appliances design, delicate and beautiful
Integration CAN and RS485 communication interface
Support online upgrade, convenient and reliable

Technical Data
Nominal Energy 4.8 kWh
Nominal Voltage 51.8 V
Battery Type Li-ion
Voltage range 44.8 V - 58.1 V
Max Charge Current 50A
MAX Discharge Current 80A
Cell Balance Technique Bi-directional Active Cell Balancing
Cell Balance Current 5 A
Scalability Yes, Max to 14.4 kWh
Over/Under Voltage Protection Yes
Over Current Protecion Yes
Over/Under Tempeature Protection Yes
Short-circuit Protection Yes
DC fuse Yes
Mouting Type Stand
Dimensions(W*H*D) 520mm x 570mm x 200mm
Weight 50kg
Interface CAN, RS485
International Protection Marking IP33
Sleep mode consumed current <30 uA
Quiescent current (Nominal voltage) <50 mA
Nosie 30 dB
Humidity Range 0 - 85 %
Available Operating (ambient) Taemperature 0 - 40°C
Storage temperature -30 - 60°C
Cooling Natural Convection
Safety Certification UN38.3, IEC62619