Sales Area
High power density to save plant initial investment
Direct parallel connection at AC side
Wide DC voltage range, suitable for battery system of 1000V
Support automatic frequency modulation and controlled frequency modulation
Technical Data
Input (DC) side
Max. DC power 1000kW
Max. DC voltage 1100V
Working voltage range 780~1050V
Min. DC voltage 730V
Max. DC current 1410A
AC Side
Nominal power 1000kW
Max. AC power 1100kVA(long time operation)
Max. AC current 1176A
Max. THD <3% at nominal power
Nominal grid voltage 540V
Grid voltage range 432~621V
Nominal grid frequency 50/60Hz
Grid frequency range 47~52Hz/57~62Hz
Power factor at nominal power >0.99
Power factor 0.9(lagging)~0.9(leading)
Max. efficiency 98.50%
Protection Parameters
DC over-voltage protection YES
DC short-circuit protection YES
AC over-voltage protection YES
Reverse polarity protection YES
Insulation monitoring YES
Module temperature protection YES
General Data
Dimensions (W×H×D) 1605×2065×935mm
Weight 1100kg
Operating temperature range -30~55%
Power consumption at stop <220W
Cooling concept Temperature-controlled forced air cooling
Ingress protection rating IP21
Relative humidity (no condensing) 0~95%(Non-condensing)
Max. working altitude 6000m(operation with derating above
Display 4000m)
Dispatch communication Touch screen
BMS communication RS485, Ethernet
Communication protocol RS485, CAN Modbus/IEC104