Sales Area
Support on-grid charge/discharge and off-grid independent inverter
Good expansion thanks to multi-machine parallel function
Optional virtual synchronous motor control function
Three-phase 100% unbalance load ability equipped
Technical Data
Input (DC) side
Max. working voltage 820V
Working voltage range 500~800V
Min. DC voltage 480V
General Data
Dimensions (W*H*D) 806×1884×636mm
Weight 760kg
Operating ambient temperature range -30℃~+55℃
Power consumption at stop <40W
Cooling Concept Temperature-controlled forced air cooling
Ingress protection rating IP21
Relative humidity 0~95%(Non-condensing)
Max. operating altitude 6000m(>4000mderating)
Display Touch screen
Dispatch communication RS485, Ethernet
BMS communication RS485, CAN
Communication protocol Modbus/IEC104
Max. efficiency 97.30%
Protection Parameters
DC side disconnection device Circuit breaker
AC side disconnection device Circuit breaker
DC over-voltage protection Yes
AC over-voltage protection Yes
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Module temperature protection Yes
Output (AC) Side
Nominal power 100kW
Max. AC power 110kVA(long time operation)
Max. AC current 159A
Max. THD <3%at nominal power
Nominal grid voltage 400V
Grid voltage range 310~450V
Nominal grid frequency 50/60Hz
Grid frequency range 47~52Hz/57~62Hz
Power factor at nominal power >0.99
Power factor range 0.9(leading)~0.9 (lagging)
Individual inversion voltage range 370~410V
Individual inversion output voltage distortion <3%(linear load)
Unbalance load capacity 100%
Individual inversion voltage transition range Within 10% (resistance load 0%<=>100%)