The harmony combination of social and economic benefits is the lasting intention of Sungrow. People of the company will continuously strive to deliver more clean power to this blue planet which we are living in.
Utility-scale Power Plants
  • Project: 2013 Berlin, Germany
    Installed capacity: 8.3MW Commercial PV Plant
  • Project: 2015 Newnham, UK
    Installed capacity: 11.5MW Commercial PV Plant
Commercial PV Plants
  • Project: 2013 Bali Island
    Installed capacity: 2MW Commercial PV Plant
  • Project: 2014 Kazo,Japan,
    Installed capacity: 100kw Commercial PV Plant
Residential PV Systems
  • Project: Hefei, China
    Installed capacity:4kw residential PV plant
  • Project: Australia
    Installed capacity:3kw residential PV plant
Storage Solutions
  • Project: 2011 Shanghai Yangshan Port,China Installed
    capacity: Power converter SC500TL,Energy management system EMS1000
  • Project:2014, Guoxuan High-tech, Hefei,Anhui
    Installed capacity: Power converter SC100