PV Inverter is one of the two major components of PV power plants, the main function of PV Inverter is to track the maximum power output of PV array, and connect energy to the grid with minimum energy consumption and maximum power quality..Since the inverter is connected in series between the PV arrays and the grid, the choice of inverter will be critical to ensure the long-term reliable operation of PV power plant and expected ROI, thus, it should be “scientifically designed according to local conditions”.We advocate the intelligent PV power plant design concept of“safer, more friendly, more intelligent, more efficient”, according to different environmental conditions of installation.
PV power plant is generally divided into four different types:
  • Project:2013, Berlin, Germany
    Installed capacity:8.3MW PV plant
  • Project:2015,Newnham,UK,
    Installed capacity:11.5MW PV Plant
  • Project:2014,India
    Installed capacity:11MW PV plant
  • Project:CA, USA
    Installed capacity:20MW, PV plant