Low investment: Integrated DC combine box and approve aluminum AC cable
Less inverter: Approve high DC/AC ratio, up to 1.3
SVG function integrated: Satisfy the requirement of reactive power
Equipped with SVG function,fast response to the reactive power control,to satisfy the needs of dispatching
Higher effciency: Up to 99%, more output power and more income
System Structure Diagram
System Configuration
  • SG60KTLString Inverter
    System cost down, DC/AC ratio up to 1.3, less inverter and logger
    High income, maximum efficiency up to 99%; Maximum output power up to 66KW at PF=1
    3 Accept 2.5MVA transformer and aluminum cable
  • Sunbox PVS-8M/PVS-16MPV Combiner Box
    String monitor integrated
    DC Fuse integrated
    SPD is integrated
    Output DC breaker
  • Data LoggerAccessory
    4 RS485 terminals, support Modbus-RTU communication protocol
    Support up to 60 devices connection, 1 Ethernet interface, support Modbus-TCP protocol
    12 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs interface
    Support SD card, operation data save up to 10 years
Typical References
  • Project:2015,Kochi Country,Japan
    Installed capacity:Commercial roof-top PV plant
  • Project:Kazo Japan,2014
    Installed capacity:100kW PV plant