• Data LoggerAccessory
    4 RS485 terminals, support Modbus-RTU communication protocol
    Support up to 60 devices connection, 1 Ethernet interface, support Modbus-TCP protocol
    12 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs interface
    Support SD card, operation data save up to 10 years
  • SolarInfo HomeOnline Household PV Monitoring System
    SolarInfo Home for House PV Plant Monitoring systems , which is characterized by ease of deployment, maintenance-free, extremely easy to use. You can access SolarInfo Home data via computer, mobile phone remote, you can also use mobile phones and other mobile terminals to obtain data directly through an inverter to run wifi locally. A variety of ways to access data, to meet the different network environments, to provide you with comprehensive data support.
  • SolarInfo BankOnline Household PV Monitoring System
    SolarInfo Bank is a remote data monitoring system of PV plant. Whenever and wherever you can access the PV Data, which including PV power and profits, CO2 emissions benefits, equipment running status, real-time and historical data,etc. Multiple formats of charts are available for quick and easy review of the operating conditions and performance of the PV plant.
  • SolarInfo WI-FI(Wi-Fi dongle)Accessory
    Optional module,easy to install