Low noise : Natural cooling, low noise and quieter than household appliances, peaceful stay without any disturbance in the room
Easy installation: Small, plug and play design, easy to install
Informative : Intelligent smartphone APP SolarInfo Home available to monitor system data, and remote monitoring available as well in good WiFi access via Sungrow portal SolarInfo Bank
System Structure Diagram
System Configuration
  • SG2KTL-S/SG3KTL-SString Inverter
    Single MPP tracker
    Transformerless topology
    Max. DC-voltage is 600 V
    Nominal AC output power is 2/2.5/3/3.6/4kW
  • SG3KTL-D/SG5KTL-DString Inverter
    Dual MPP trackers
    Transformerless topology
    Max. DC-voltage up to 600 V
    Nominal AC output power is 3/3.6/5kW
  • ZE100 External LCD display unitAccessory
    Designed for low-power inverter, in order to realize the easily and quickly visual monitoring and operation.
    In terms of installation, it can be applied by plugging into the power outlet without needing a external power source.
  • SolarInfo Wi-Fi(Wi-Fi dongle) Accessory
    Optional module, easy to install
Typical References
  • Project:Australia
    Installed capacity:3kW residential PV plant
  • Project:2013,Clontarf
    Installed capacity:3kW residential PV plant