Integrated container inverter,low initial investment for the system,wide range of applications
Integrated programs,better meet the requirement of the grid,more adaptable to the grid
Small number of devices,easy installation and maintenance,low operation and maintenance costs
Equipped with SVG function,fast response to the reactive power control,to satisfy the needs of dispatching
Flat terrain with no shelter,number of MPPT has almost no impact on the power yield.
System Structure Diagram
System Configuration
  • SG2000/2500Container Inverter
    Connect directly to two-winding transformer for 2/2.5MW block
    Save system cost for transformer, building construction, relative protection device
    Fast installation onsite for less construction work, container design easy for inverter room acceptance
    High availability when one inverter fails, the other three inverters keep working
    Effcient thermal design and insulation ensures 50 full load operation
  • SG1000/1250Container Inverter
    No need ionverter house on site Integrated ventilation duct and auxiliary power supply
    Integrated current detecting function for fast trouble shooting Modular design easy for maintenance
    Complete grid support: LVRT, HVRT, ZVRT IP54 protection degree suitable for harsh environment condition
  • SG500/630MXContainer Inverter
    Integrated DC power distribution and protection, with insulation monitoring function
    Suitable for harsh environment such as high/low temperature, desert areas
    Equipped with SVG function, au qtomatically generate reactive power according to the voltage
    Meet various grid connection requirements, no investment risk
    More than 2000 units of global installations with stable operation
  • SunboxPVS-8M/PVS-16MPV Combiner Box
    String monitor integrated
    DC Fuse integrated
    SPD is integrated
    Output DC breaker
  • SolarInfo LoggerAccessory
    4 RS485 terminals, support Modbus-RTU communication protocol
    Support up to 60 devices connection, 1 Ethernet interface, support Modbus-TCP protocol
    12 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs interface
    High availability when one inverter fails, the other three inverters keep working
    Support SD card, operation data save up to 10 years
Typical References
  • Project:2013,CHile
    Installed capacity:3.15MW PV plant
  • Project:Qinghai, China
    Installed capacity:520MW PV plant