• Frequency Regulation
    Real-time load fluctuation monitoring, fast response to power order, and improved grid frequency stability
  • Reactive Power Support
    Real time grid reactive power adjustment determined by power factor change, making grid stable continuously
Maintenance-free design, flexible deployment, and centralized management
Millisecond response, dynamically real-time adjustment.
Support various grid-connected standards including TUV/CSA/CE/BDEW
System Structure Diagram
System Configuration
  • SC500TL PCS
    Support on-grid charge/discharge and off-grid independent inverter
    Good expansion thanks to multi-machine parallel function
    Support LVRT and reactive power compensation
    Support automatic frequency modulation and controlled frequency modulation
    TÜV, CSA and BDEW certifications
Typical References
  • Project: 2011 Shanghai Yangshan Port,China
    Installed capacity: Power converter SC500TL,Energy management system EMS1000