Suitable to areas with unstable grid power and business with higher demands for power supply quality
Auto switch, ensuring stable power supply for business
Flexible time for power storage, space saving, and flexible capacity
Maintenance-free design, centralized management, decreasing labor and operation cost
System Structure Diagram
System Configuration
  • SC100
    Support on-grid charge/discharge and off-grid independent inverter
    Good expansion thanks to multi-machine parallel function
    Optional virtual synchronous motor control function
    Three-phase 100% unbalance load ability equipped
  • Medium/EnergyStorage Battery
    Safety First Product,multiple ways for safty and the only supplier without Safety Recall
    Long life cycle and durability,Prismatic cell Design,EOL Characteristic-No Sudden Drop phenomenon
    NCM based battery cell for Large Capacity,High Power (max power 4C) & Energy density, High system round trip efficiency over 97%
    Robust and Compact Designed for compatibility with standard 19 inch frame, All connections are placed made in the front-Easy access/maintenance
    Standardization tray Platform, Flexible configuration and easy expansion
Typical References
  • Project:2014, Guoxuan High-tech, Hefei,Anhui
    Installed capacity: Power converter SC100
  • Project:2009,Yunan, China
    Installed capacity: Power converter SC100