The SunAccess PV inverters of Sungrow provide a wide range of offerings from 3 kW to 6800 kW. With the highest efficiency of over 99%, SunAccess fully meets all types of PV modules and grid connection requirements. The product has been installed for over 68 GW installed worldwide as of June 2018 more than 60 countries.

The smart combiner box of Sungrow enables a high protection level of IP65 and fully meets outdoor installation and usage requirements. It is compatible to bi-facial panels with smart monitoring and operation functions and widely used in different applications including utility-scale, floating, commercial and industrial, and hilly terrain plants.


1500V-Specific PV fuse, both positive and negative terminal
1500V-Specific PV SPD with fault alarm
Specialized 2 in 1 fuse with favorable heat dissipation performance and compact size
String current and voltage monitoring
Main load switch state monitoring (optional)
IP65 protection, meet the outdoor installation and usage requirements
Self-powered power supply with lightning protection
Output cable sectional area 120 - 400 mm² (max. 400 mm² Al cable)
Highly optimize the system wiring
Modular design for easy and quick maintenance


PV specific application fuses, both positive and negative polarity
PV specific application SPD with failure alarm function
PV string current and voltage abnormal alrm
Specific application combiner busbar parts with shield
Main load breaker switch state monitoring (need optional accessory)
IP65 protection
Self supplied power with SPD
Output cable sectional area range 120 - 400 mm² (max. 400 mm² Al cable)
Highly optimize the system wiring
Modular desigh for easy and quick maintenance