Inverter-booster floating platform SF-P

The equipment is compatible, with high safety margin
Inverting and boosting the pressure at the nearest location, reduce line losses
Multi-compartment design, adjustable platform center of gravity
Large effective buoyancy, high platform stability
High structural strength, large safety factor
Good resistance to wind/ wave/flow movement, safety of electrical equipment safety guarantee
Compatible with both the mainstream centralized type inverter scheme and the group string inverter scheme
Standard vessel welding process
Multi-layer coating process, good anti-corrosion performance
Meet the AC and DC cable laying protection requirements
Special oil pool design for transformer, safe and environmental
On-site installation, convenient for O&M
Modular design, convenient for transportation
Environmental paint, environmentally friendly
Equipped with gangway ladder and guardrail, to ensure personal safety
Components are manufactured at factory, to improve the on-site installation efficiency
Parts can be replaced on site, to ensure the normal operation of equipment
Equipped with cable flexible transition device

Technical Data

Technical Data
Displacement 40t
Designed draft 0.87m
Designed wind speed 30m/s
Designed wave height 2m
Safe heel angle
Extreme heel angle 10°
Safety compartment quantity 15
O&M manhole and watertight door quantity 15°
Coating thickness ≥320μm

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