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IP65 protection
Self supplied power with SPD
Output cable sectional area range 120 - 400 mm²(max. 400 mm² Al cable)
Highly optimize the system wiring
Modular desigh for easy and quick maintenance
Efficient and Safe
PV specific application fuses, both positive and negative polarity
PV specific application SPD with failure alarm function
PV string current and voltage abnormal alrm
Specific application combiner busbar parts with shield
Main load breaker switch state monitoring(need optional accessory)

Technical Data

Max. PV string voltage 1000 V
Max. PV string parallel inputs 16 * 2
Rated fuse current for each string (replaceable) 30 A
Input terminal type 6 mm²
Output terminal type 120 – 400 mm²
Protection class IP65
Environment temperature -40 ℃ to 60 ℃
Enironment humidity (non-condensing) 0 – 95 %
Dimensions (W*H*D) 720 * 680 * 180 mm
Weight 41 kg
Material of enclosure Steel
Standard Accessories
DC main output load swich Yes
PV specific application SPD Yes
PV SPD failure monitoring Yes
PV self power supply for internal loads Yes
Communication port Yes
Current and voltage monitoring for each string Yes
Optional Accessories
Monitoring for load break switch state Optional

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