Integrated container inverter, low investment for the system, versatile application possibilities
Integrated programs,better meet the requirement of the grid,more adaptable to the grid
Small number of devices,easy installation and maintenance,low operation and maintenance costs
Equipped with SVG function,fast response to the reactive power control,to satisfy the needs of dispatching
Flat terrain with no shelter,number of MPPT has almost no impact on the power yield

System Structure Diagram



Efficient three-level topology, max. efficiency up to 99 %
Integrated zone current monitoring function for fast trouble shooting
Modular design and front service, easy for maintenance
Max. DC/AC ratio up to 1.3
Compliance with standards: CE, IEC 62109, IEC 61727, IEC 62116


Efficient three-level topology, max. system efficiency up to 99 %
Module design and front service, easy for maintenance
DC circuit breaker design for convenient maintenance
10-foot container design, no need to build extra inverter house
Compliance with standards: CE, IEC 62109, IEC 61727, IEC 62116, G59/3


•  IP65 protection
•  Self supplied power with SPD
•  Output cable diameter range120 – 400 mm² (max 400 mm² Al cable)
•  PV specific application fuses, both positive and negative polarity
•  PV specific application SPD with failure alarm function
•  PV string current and voltage abnormal alrm
•  Specific application combiner busbar parts with shield
•  Main load switch state monitoring (need optional accessory)
•  Highly optimize the system wiring
•  Modular design for easy and quick maintenance
•  TÜV

Solarinfo Logger

•  Support RS485, Ethernet and other communication methods, 12 DI interfaces
•  Up to 60 inverters connection, remote upgrade and maintenance
•  Modbus-TCP for connections to iSolarCloud and third party monitoring system
•  Easy to install on walls and rails
•  LCD screen for parameter configuration
•  All ports with electrical isolation protection, switch input port isolation voltage is 3000 V
•  High reliable design, fully applicable to industrial environment